You gotta feel for Demons fans

Last night a sloppy, slack and seemingly lackadaisical Hawthorn demolished Melbourne. It was tough to watch. Although it did prompt the question, ‘which team would it be most depressing to be a supporter of at the moment?’ I tend to think Melbourne would have to be right up there but a wise football watching friend of mine suggested Port Adelaide as a possible candidate. Both arguments have merit. Both teams have a light smattering of talented kids but for too many issues to compensate. I’m leaning towards saying Port just because financially speaking, their club is also really struggling while at least Melbourne has been put in a halfway decent position by the tireless efforts of Jim Stynes before his sad passing.

Unfortunately for Dees and Power fans, their coaches don’t inspire great confidence, their lists aren’t talented or deep enough and things look ominous for at least a few years. Not sure what Port fans can do but at least Melbourne supporters have a mascot that might be able to offer them some fitting accommodation :P.

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