Eighteen months till the next election? Sure doesn’t feel like it.

Federal politics is an odd beast. Sure there’s a fair smattering of welcome analysis into the recent budget and a number of other important economic issues, but there’s perhaps even more focus on the Thompson and Slipper scandals and their potential to bring down the government. The old adversaries; policy and politics are again battling for attention. Watching question time this week, one has got the distinct impression that an election could crash down – thunderstorm style – at any moment on the whim of a couple of independents. Journalist’s are in a decidedly tough spot. They must simultaneously be ready to pounce should an Oakeshott, a Windsor or a Wilkie chuck a tantrum and bring on a ballot, while also keep in mind that technically we’re more than a year from the polls.

In this wild world of political brinksmanship, innuendo and rancor a new cartoon was born. Enjoy 🙂

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