I’m Jack Chadwick – a 28-year-old illustrator, cartoonist and storyboard artist currently working in Paris.

My first memory is drawing a massive portrait of Medusa with my Dad and I never lost the love of bringing my imagination to life on the page. I now hold an honours degree in art history from Melbourne University and am about to complete the final year of my illustration degree. My natural style uses clean lines, powerful colour and a minimalist approach to give character and personality with just a few strokes.

When I’m not drawing you’ll probably find me out cycling, listening to a podcast or practising my French, always with a sketchbook at the ready.

Selected freelance clients include: The Daily Mirror online, The Age newspaper, Collingwood Football Club, Melbourne Stars Cricket Team, Asylum Insight, Grant Day James, Studio Pancho, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, My Bookshop by Corrie Perkin and more.

Jack Chadwick is represented for storyboarding in Australasia by International Rescue