Fresh Collingwood Cartoons

This weekend our might Pies swapped bitterly cold Melbourne for the warmer climes of Brisbane and came away with a convincing win. A dominant first quarter performance took the game away from the Lions. Swan, as always, ran riot but Steele Sidebottom’s performance was surely the most pleasing thing for Collingwood folk to see. A spate of long-term injuries and a series of niggles have tested our midfield depth but on Saturday night Sidebottom filled the breach manfully. His career high 35 possessions were a massive factor in the victory and truly showed his growth as a footballer. He richly deserves the title bestowed upon him below.

I would be remiss not to mention Mother’s Day and I can just imagine some of the conversations in Collingwood-loving households across the land. Happy Mother’s Day indeed to all the Magpie Mums out there! Here’s hoping you enjoyed a nice family meal and can now look forward to the Grand Final rematch on Friday night. A bit of revenge is in order I think and hopefully a few classy inclusions to the side can help deliver another sweet reward. Go Pies!

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