Vintage Collingwood all round

As all Pies fans know, the feeling of beating Carlton is rarely bettered. So it was again on a frigid Sunday night in Melbourne that those of the black and white persuasion basked in the warming glow of another victory over the old foe.

While it was particularly pleasing to see Steele Sidebottom back in the side and firing, the odd scheduling made me long for the days before overly creative fixtures – a simpler time. I decided to take this notion as a theme for my illustration and have harked back to just such a time and great from Collingwood history. Hoping to hit on a few of these classic notes again throughout the rest of the year so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this first example.


One Comment on “Vintage Collingwood all round

  1. Beautiful Jack.

    You might like to fix the typo in the last line of your text – “have you enjoy” should read “hope you enjoy” I think!

    See you tonight.

    Love m

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