Pies bid 2014 adieu

On a foggy Melbourne evening Collingwood’s season came to a disappointing yet not unsurprising end. Hawthorn is a classy outfit and although the Pies applied some good first quarter pressure the (very) young men in black and white could not sustain it. Story of what was an injury ravaged season I suppose.  The nicest moment of the night came after the siren when Luke…

Down but not out

If one had said in March that a win over GWS would be up there with the most gratifying of the season most Collingwood fans would’ve scoffed but voila, there you have it. With half of the best 22 out with injury and down to a single rotation the Pies found something deep within and fought back for a gutsy win. Collingwood probably won’t beat…

Well that wasn’t too good

With such an unpalatable taste in the mouth following the Pies vs. Lions clash I’ve tried to sweeten things up with an homage to another Collingwood legend this week. Enjoy.  

Eagle vs Magpies

In the end it was no contest. The boys from the west were too good on the day. From a Collingwood perspective there were really even any standout performers to focus on from the match so for this week’s illustration I’m harking back to a Pies showman from (fairly recent) yesteryear, Neon Leon Davis. Enjoy.  

A great set of eyebrows debuts

Tony Armstrong notched up his first match in the black and white as part of Collingwood’s hard fought victory over Port.  While Steele, Scott and Jack were good, the shear novelty of the experience for Tony warrants an illustration. Plus you’ve got to love those big bushy eyebrows. Enjoy.  

Collingwood of yesteryear

Again, it’s simply not worth talking about, or illustrating about, that one. Pies out of the eight and a whole army of disgruntled supporters are born. Luckily there’s a great history to look back on and this week I’ve focussed on ye of the sunken eyes, Peter McKenna. Enjoy.  

Maxwell retires. Illustration ensues

Probably best we don’t speak about the Pies performance last weekend against the Dons. Let’s turn our minds instead to the retirement of Nick Maxwell – the gritty defender and captain who I always felt was a dead ringer for the evil neighbour in Toy Story. Maxwell led the Pies to a Grand Final win and deserves to be celebrated by all Collingwood fans….

More Collingwood Forever

Done another for the Collingwood Forever series to celebrate everyone who’s donned the Black & White over the club’s history. The brief was for a Chris Tarrant specie and here’s the result.

Geometric Steele

Collingwood went down to a depleted yet gallant Gold Coast. I was struck by disappointment but also a newfound appreciation of Steele Sidebottom’s eyebrow setup. Thus this week’s illustration.  

Vintage Collingwood all round

As all Pies fans know, the feeling of beating Carlton is rarely bettered. So it was again on a frigid Sunday night in Melbourne that those of the black and white persuasion basked in the warming glow of another victory over the old foe. While it was particularly pleasing to see Steele Sidebottom back in the side and firing, the odd scheduling made me…