Pies snap to it

Friday night. Massive stage. Bright lights. Internal controversy swirling. Just another week in the life of the Pies. Pre-match scuttlebutt was all about Harry O’s unscheduled Port Douglas sojourn but the 22 who ran out to take on the Blues were intently focused – after the first 20 minutes that is.

After a slow start Collingwood began to make some in roads into the contest. Waite limped off for Carlton and thus Ben Reid was free to be unleashed up forward. He marked strongly, kicked truly and made for a devilish double act alongside Travis Cloke. Cartlon seemed to stall and the mighty Pies kicked away from dominant passages in the second and third terms.


My highlight of the night – apart from smashing the Blues of course – was the miracle snap from Sammy Dwyer. It’s an amazing part of AFL that the phrase, ‘he kicked a magical inside-out banana from the fence’ is logical but in this case it certainly was. The impossible angle was summed to perfection and recalled memories of a slightly more mulleted Collingwood goal sneak from years gone by.


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