New Collingwood cartoon in hard times

Here’s my little blurby blurb to accompany my latest Collingwood cartoon now up on the Collingwood website and facebook pages. Enjoy 🙂

Friday night saw the first match of an eagerly anticipated AFL finals series. It was a chilli evening but the contest between the Hawks and the Pies was hot from the outset.

Finals football is a different game. It’s as simple as that. There’s a scent and an atmosphere that pervades September football that is just non-existent during the regular season. Unfortunately for the mighty Pies, Hawthorn were too good on the night. Collingwood were down by a pesky 3-5 goal margin for a lot of the game but suffered greatly in some decisive moments. Right before half-time and three-quarter-time the Hawks snagged a few quick ones and kept any possible Collingwood charge at bay.

The highlight for the Pies was the continued stellar performance of Andrew Krakouer and the beast, Travis Cloke. The pair combined for 10 goals and it’s great to see both contributing so manfully to the team.

At the time of writing our next foe is still a mystery. All that is known is that Collingwood must now take the more challenging and dangerous route of semi and preliminary finals to reach the Grand Final summit. With an increasingly potent forward group and a nest full of potential match winners in the midfield, Pies supporters everywhere should be gearing up for a long September ahead.

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