A public holiday AND a Collingwood win. What could be better?

My new Collingwood cartoon in now up on the Collingwood facebook page and the Collingwood website. Right here however is the only place you get witty commentary to boot. Enjoy.

Round 11 (Coll 129 – Melb 87):

Well well well, another typical weekend for the 2012 PIes. Not only did we add to our worryingly large injury list but more young players stood up and we came away with the win.

It’s certainly not nice to see a proven premiership star limp off after less than a minute in the opening quarter but Collingwood hearts were warmed from that point on by some stellar play from the kids and the midfield maestro, Dane Swan. Injury forced Scott Pendlebury into the stands but Swanny decided he didn’t mind taking over the mantle of dominator-in-chief.

A public holiday is great but watching your team win ON a public holiday is even better. I imagine the Queen herself, and a few Collingwood-fancying corgis, also took the chance to check out the match and I’m sure they weren’t displeased. Maybe if we go on to win the flag then Buck’s might need to make a trip to Britain for knighthood. Sir Bucks does have a certain ring to it don’t you think?

The Magpies have now flown north for the bye-week and hopefully they’ll get a chance to rest up, heal some battered bodies and continue on their winning way when the Eagles come to town :)

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