New Collingwood cartoon (and some life-based updates to boot!)

Hi there readers. Just a quick little post to let y’all know that my latest Collingwood cartoon is now up on the Collingwood FC website and on their facebook page.

Here’s a sneaky peak at the cartoon but if you want to check out my match description and my work from the past rounds you can click on the ‘Collingwood Cartoons’ tab. Lots of Pie-based goodies await 🙂

In other news, I’ve now got a full-time job! I’m a proud employee of Grant Day James advertising agency in North Melbourne. I’ve only been there a short while but I can assure you it’s a wonderful place, full of great people doing top-shelf work. I’m super excited to learn the ropes and grow in a welcoming and creative environment. Being full-time does mean that I’ve got less time for cartooning and posting here on my little slice of internet. I’ll still be posting but maybe a little less often. We shall see how things develop.

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