My recent toons in The Age

So summer is rolling along nicely and I’ve been scribbling away furiously for The Age Opinion pages. It’s unfailingly exciting to see you work in print and equally as enjoyable to post those works online. Thus, check out some of my recent cartoons from The Age below. This is now the third year I’ve contributed and you can see all my work from that time in the…

Batsman leaves in the leaves

Hey y’all, Here’s my cartoon in The Age today and the letter that accompanied. “WHY doesn’t any political party tackle the problem of leaf blowers? We need an amnesty period or, even better, a buyback program.” John Bye, Elwood

And another cartoon in ‘The Age’

Check out my cartoon in todays Age newspaper. Let us hope that governments here and abroad come to realise that more guns in NOT the answer. Here’s the letter that accompanied: “PETER Bennett talks about armed guards on railway stations (26/12). At one stage, the Baillieu government wanted armed guards in hospitals. The American way?” Anne Flanagan, Box HIll North

Cartoons in ‘The Age’ starting again tomorrow

Hello world and Merry Christmas to all. Just a quick note to say that my cartoons will be appearing in The Age starting from tomorrow and continuing throughout early January. Very excited and happy to be contributing again so keep those cartoon-loving eyes peeled.  

Brand new Christmas cards have arrived!

Seasons greetings to you all! Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to make someone happy than with a thoughtful message at Christmas time. But what should I use to deliver a heartfelt message you say? Well, why not a Jack Chadwick designed Christmas card. Here’s a sneaky peak but you can see my whole range in the ‘Greeting Cards’ section….

Colorado-based science radio show, ‘Real Science Friday’, likes my work

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Bob Enyart, the host of ‘Real Science Friday’ – a weekly radio show in the States. He said he liked my work and was keen to use one of my cartoons for his website. While being a bit surprised by this seemingly random request I was nonetheless very flattered and agreed for them to…

Rested and rejuvenated, the Pies make it 9 in a row

My new Collingwood cartoon is now up on the Collingwood facebook page – and in my own Collingwood Cartoon section of course. You can read my take on the game (plus see a sneaky bonus cartoon) by clicking on the tab above 🙂

New Collingwood cartoon (and some life-based updates to boot!)

Hi there readers. Just a quick little post to let y’all know that my latest Collingwood cartoon is now up on the Collingwood FC website and on their facebook page. Here’s a sneaky peak at the cartoon but if you want to check out my match description and my work from the past rounds you can click on the ‘Collingwood Cartoons’ tab. Lots of…

new Collingwood section launched

the first installment of my weekly take on the mighty Collingwood has just gone up on the Collingwood website ( This calls for a celebration in the form of a new section for my own little site. I’ve just made ‘Collingwood Cartoons’ where I will post all my cartoons throughout the season. I hope it’s one to remember and that we laugh all the…

New greeting cards on sale at ‘My Bookshop’ are now available to view here!

I’ve just posted up images of the new range of greeting cards that I designed for Corrie Perkin’s ‘My Bookshop’ – and which are now on sale in store. You can see all the designs in the Greeting Card section or go to the My Bookshop website to see more about the range and the shop. Visit for the homepage or for specific…