Dot painting goal map

Under the roof at Etihad Stadium the Pies had a comfortable victory over St Kilda. Without a number of important players it was pleasing to see good performers across the ground.

This weekend celebrate indigenous culture in the AFL and I wanted to give my own nod to this worthy endeavour. A record of all Collingwood’s 21 goals in dot painting style was a fitting way to do it I feel. Hope you enjoy it.

Dot Win v2


2 Comments on “Dot painting goal map

  1. This week – the tennis court oath from the French Revolution, tying into the French Open. There’s a famous painting by David – do you know it? Maybe a Chadwick take?

    Also – I totally loved the dot painting from last week. Brilliant. Can I buy it from you or can we turn it into a poster or something? Just fantastic art Jack. Mx

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