Cartooning Experimentation

Yesterday I posted about my pondering possible new ways that I can present my cartoons and illustrations. Inspired by comic books (Tintin etc) and comic strips (Garfield etc) I wanted to experiment with a similar idea of a progressing story but in the online realm.

I thinking slideshows like the one below could be a fun innovation/experiment. Perhaps it might be a fun way to take a viewer through a short story in a few distinct frames (all without the temptation of the eye wandering to the final frame to give away the gag as can happen with a traditional comic strip or book). Plus, in our swipe-happy world of tablet and smartphone interaction, using ones finger to glide between the frames could become intuitive quite easily.

I hope you like these few illustrations about the somewhat devilish nature of sport fandom and the ugly transformation that many fans undergo when supporting their team.

PS: Look out for more such experiments to come too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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