Missed targets can be costly

The Pies have been mighty impressive in the last two weeks. Fierce tackling and an elevated intensity for the contest brought two fine wins chalked up. Friday night was not an entirely different kettle of fish. Up against a very tough opponent in blustery conditions we were far from terrible. Hawthorn had some elite personnel return and their midfield workhorses were on fire. Collingwood’s fab four stood up as always but it was our disposal going forward to proved the issue. Too many times the service was below par and many moments of promise were thwarted by poor execution.

Missed Targets

This lack of polish was the inspiration for this week’s cartoon. Everything was just a bit skew-if and made for a bad night out. Top four is now as gone as a pie wrapper caught in the wind and Collingwood must attempt the impossible – win a flag from outside that cosy corner. It’s not out of the question but we must rediscover some slickness to have any shot.

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