Tenacity lacking at twilight

Twilight is an odd footballing juncture. The lights are on at the G but their effect is not yet sufficient to turn the turf that magical shade of green. It’s afternoon but not 2pm. It’s night time but not 7.30pm. All in all it’s just a bit weird and unfortunately the attitude of the Collingwood boys was equally weird on Saturday.

The Giants will be a powerful opponent in years to come however for now they remain a relative minnow. That did not prevent them from out gunning the Pies for three quarters. We were sloppy in possession and lacking any great verve. Jeremy Cameron on the other hand was up for the fight. It was Collingwood vs Cameron for a large portion of the match before eventually, the Magpies kicked away.

Getting Lucky

This was far from a vintage performance by the men in black and white and we were fortunate that the opposition were not one of the competition elites. Those elites are fast approaching though and we must really switch on to make anything of season 2013.


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