The good the bad and the victory

On the day Melbourne fans are mourning – or celebrating – the departure of coach Mark Neeld, the man’s former employers are savouring another win. It was a young Pies outfit that took to Etihad Stadium against an equally green Western Bulldogs litter but it was Collingwood senior players that stole the show.

Despite weeks of media scuttlebutt surrounding the supposed internal troubles at Pie land the boys came out firing. A truly tremendous first half saw us almost ten goals to the good and displaying the manic intensity glimpsed only against Geelong this season.

Half effort

Unfortunately the lustre wore off after the main break and a potential percentage booster became a mere cruisy victory. The half effort was the catalyst behind this week’s cartoon but we should all remember that a win is a win and four points should always be celebrated.

We now say hello to a bye and can look forward to recharging the batteries, regaining some more experienced players (showing stellar form in the VFL) and pushing on towards the finals. Go Pies!


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