Collingwood see the light on a Friday night

Round 6 (Coll 103 – STK 77)

By all accounts Friday night’s clash between the Saints and Pies was a less than stellar spectacle. Always good to get back in the winners circle though and some excellent performances from some Collingwood stars should never go unappreciated.

Heavenly Win

Thus this week’s cartoon focussed on the deities that are Pendles and Daisy. Fleet of foot and eternally classy, these two young men just continue to shine. After Thomas’ interrupted pre-season it’s fantastic to see him out there. With the injury last week to The Possum – aka Alan Toovey – Dale was deployed off a half back in what may be a sign from God (in this case Bucks) of things to come. We head west next weekend for what will surely be a tough encounter. But stay faithful and virtuous all you Collingwood fans and we’ll nab a win.


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