Roll up! Roll up!

…and the amazing, dominating, super-entertaining TRAV!

Round 4: Coll 113 – Rich 79

Back in the winners circle and happy to be there. Dane Swan shone is his 200th but it was the beast up forward who really stole the black and white show.

From our vantage point high up in Southern Stand it was truly a thing to behold. The ball launched long from the foot of a Steele, a Pendles, a Blairy…our eyes switched instantly to Trav and whichever poor soul was unlucky enough to be by his side. Then, with a deft swing of the hips or a commanding shove the big man was free to gobble up another. No one could tame a player in such form and thus, this weeks cartoon was born.

Tiger Trav

Thursday is not far off but with reverence for the occasion and ample skill, I’m sure the Pies will make us all proud.

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