Summer of cartooning has passed

Hi all,

Just a quick note to comiserate the fact that alas, my time with The Age has come to an end. Like always, I’ve really enjoyed the chance to contribute to a fine publication and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) there will be more opportunities to do so in the future. Til then, here are some of my fave toons from the summer and of course you can check them all out in the dedicated section of this site 🙂

Ancient Lleyton


“Surely someone can persuade LLeyton Hewitt it is all over. Then we can have a rest from one-eyed “commentators” telling us what we can patently see is the opposite of reality.”
Paul Kehoe, Chirnside Park

Myki Caveman

“HOW is it progress when Melbournians and visitors can’t buy a ticket on a tram? This situation wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of ‘Yes Minister’.”
Lesley Cowie, Blackburn

Newstart Reality


“THE difference between Macklin’s salary and Newstart – now that’s a real fiscal cliff.”
Geoffrey Allen, Mount Eliza

Tennis Overload


“I’M so glad to hear we’re spending another $366 million on the tennis precinct. Who needs hospitals and schools?”
Mary Lynden, Port Melbourne

One Comment on “Summer of cartooning has passed

  1. Good on you Jack! Loved your work this summer. Looking forward to the footy season starting and more JC commentary on the Pies’ year.

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