Slipping into the ‘The Age’ today

Good morning World,

Tis a fresh new day, one which sees yet another Chadwick cartoon on the Letters page of The Age. So it now seems that Peter Slipper, in addition to being a fan of silly white robes and formal processions, is also quite partial to fine wine and smoked meats on the Country’s dime. While news continues to swirl about the many multifarious objects stored in another politician’s fridge I thought it high time for a bit of fun-poking at the whole idea of fridge-related etiquette. And thus, my cartoon in The Age today was born. Here it is below along with the accompanying letter (and also note, you can check out all my cartoons in The Age at the dedicated section of my site. All you need to do is click here)

Slipper Fridge


“I’m not sure about other women, by my boss’s fridge would be the last place I would store my fertility drugs – I wouldn’t even ask.”
Louise Thwaites, Brighton

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