Death by foot skills

Saturday was a lovely day for football. The sun was shining and a hefty crowd packed the MCG. Unfortunately the game itself definitely left something to be desired from a Collingwood supporter’s perspective. The Pies were still in the game at half time but the major break but from then on things got ugly.

Like strawberry jam and warm butter, Hawthorn spread magnificently. One moment there’s a rolling mass of humanity at a stoppage and the next thing you know one of the brown and gold snipers is darting away, delivering a bullet-like pass. Collingwood suffered the full wrath of the Hawks superior skills and simply weren’t able to respond.

It’s incredibly frustrating to watch your team lose but the performance of the Pies’ tattooed duo of Dayne Beams and Dane Swan did lift my spirits somewhat. In the midfield and up forward the two of them performed manfully all afternoon as the rest of the team was successfully shut down. Perhaps there’s some magical power residing in all those tattoos – and perhaps some other Collingwood people should consider getting some work done themselves to get in on the act. It would certainly be nice to get back on that winning trail again with finals just around the corner.

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