A cartoon to lighten the mood

Deep down we all knew this was coming. Collingwood fans have been euphorically chalking up win after glorious win for 10 weeks but now must find a new pursuit. Friday night saw our Pies up against the old enemy for the second time this season and for a second time we were humbled.

Carlton’s zippy little buzzards and bald, Voldermort-esque superstar were too much for the boys in black and white. Watching your footy team lose on Friday night is certainly not the ideal way to start the weekend and I’m sure all things blue will be anathema for some time to come.

However, fear not fellow Collingwood fans. Hold firm. Remember that there’s still a long way yet to travel on the arduous voyage that is the 2012 AFL season. We must consult our footy charts, trust in Captain Buckley and strive on.

Another big match awaits just over the horizon and I’m certain the Pies will be ready to right the wrongs of last September against the Cats. Ahoy there maties, Grand Final rematch off the starboard bow!

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