Oh la la! New president and a new take on austerity?

Francois Hollande and his socialist party buddies have successfully swept Sarkozy from power after just one term in office. Hollande promises to bring a new approach to politics in France and his major peev is clearly with the harsh austerity measures implemented by his predecessor.

All the media coverage about the election has trumpeted the fact that Hollande will move to reverse the pattern of spending cuts and tight fiscal discipline and embrace a more hopeful outlook of growth. One does wonder however how far his anti-austerity message spreads and the peculiar side of my brain got to thinking about the more mundane elements of Francois’ day. Is he always, 100% against austerity? Or are there some situations where he doesn’t mind a bit of restraint? I think a cartoon is necessary to shed some light on this little conundrum. Enjoy


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