New Collingwood cartoon posted

My newest cartoon for Collingwood FC is now up on the Collingwood website, on the Collingwood facebook page and of course, here on my own little slice of internet.

Here’s my take on a strange weekend for Magpies fans:

Twas a strange weekend indeed for us Collingwood fans. Sure, football was being played, but somehow it just felt…different. What could possibly be the cause of this ill-feeling? Of course, that’s it! Collingwood wasn’t playing.

After the intensity of Wednesday’s classic match we were left watching games where the best outcome was another correct tip or an obscene amount of Dreamteam/Supercoach points. Thus, when I came to thinking about the weekend that was in the world of the mighty Pies I was lost. I didn’t know what to think and this cartoon is the result.

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