New Black and White cartoon

It’s fun to stay up with the latest news and provide nuanced – and hopefully giggle-inducing – cartoons. However, sometimes it’s equally fun to indulge oneself in pure silliness and embrace the freedom that comes from a pen, a piece of paper and a bizarre thought. In this spirit of silliness I hope you enjoy my latest 🙂  

New black and white cartoon!

It’s been a little while since I completely eschewed colour in a cartoon but I felt like it was time. Luckily the new work is multi dimensional so I’ve posted in Black and White and also in Political and Current Affairs. Hope you in the mood for a 16th century philosophy reference. enjoy 🙂

the product of a morning in a court

out of curiosity and a life spent wondering about the goings on on the corner of William and lonsdale streets, this week i spent a morning watching a bail application in the magistrates court. here’s the first product of that experience. hopefully (and maybe subconsciously) there will be more fruit to bear from it. enjoy!

even more newies!

a couple of ideas that sprung from a bike ride i took yesterday on a beautiful Melbourne day. enjoy!  

more new cartoons!

  so i couldn’t decide which version of this cartoon i liked more. the logical solution?…do both! enjoy (along with all the other black and white toons)

moustache interruption

can’t say that i have ever been able to grow enough facial hair to have this problem but i imagine it could be quite embarrassing later in the day when you pop out for lunch 😛

my take on a classic

I was thinking about the classic cartoon lines and came up with this. Pesky yaks 😛

additions to the stable

who would have thought that a coffee in Errol st would have given rise to two new B&W cartoons? although when one sees a mullet of supreme proportions, one does feel compelled to cartoon 🙂 enjoy!