Sunday Age, 8 February 2014

Very happy to fill in again this past weekend for the Sunday Age. Lots of variety, lots of furious pondering and sketching and lots on enjoyment seeing my work in the paper and online. Here are my five cartoons (my favourite is the Shaw Sphinx). Click the links to read the stories that accompanied. Read the Shaw story > Ready the breastfeeding story > …

It’s all relative

Today is my last cartoon for The Age this summer and thanks to everyone there for the opportunity to contribute again. I’m glad to be able to sign off with a real message. A letter writer quotes Enstein on the folly of Nationalism. He too was a refugee and his story should serve as a lesson to us about the great benefits to a…

Does Goodes have the GG goods?

After his Australian of the Year nod, Adam Goodes is hot property and some are thinking he might even be governor-general material. This got me wondering; what changes might  Mr Goodes make to Yarralumla? Enjoy my cartoon from The Age today… “Who’d be a more suitable governor-general for the 21st century? Adam Goodes or an aged military figure?”David Hickey, Heidelberg  

Wells is Burning

Unfortunately for politicians the Australian Open tends to coincide with bush fire season. The result is often be bad for leafy homes AND political careers. “Nero fiddled while Rome burnt, and Kim Wells went to the tennis.” Alex Njoo, St Kilda

Tony does Davos

Our Prime Minister is in Switzerland at the minute rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful. On current form though, I reckon wherever he goes Tony probably can’t resist venturing into contested waters. “Davos. A meeting of the rich working out how to get richer. I’m sure Abbott will be pleased to help.” David Taylor, West Brunswick

Flame grilled restaurant

The old St.Kilda Stokehouse is no more and bovines across the land are rejoicing. “Maybe if we’d had cattle grazing around the Stokehouse, it wouldn’t have burnt down.” Gerald Ettershank, Sandringham

Where are we?

The Australian navy seems to be wondering this on the high seas. Personally I’m starting to wonder where we’re are as a nation under this new government. Anyway, on that optimistic note, enjoy my cartoon in The Age today. “I would have expected our naval ships to have the technology and skills to know exactly where they were.” John Russell, Bonbeach

What a week

Melbourne has been a grid-locked oven for the past week. Tennis players and commuters alike were feeling it and thus my cartoon in The Age today. “I have no sympathy for the tennis players. They weren’t on a 5pm train from the city this week.” Stephen Dinham

Pizza a la Dashboard

Not sure you noticed but it’s quite warm in Melbourne at the moment. Between sweating fits I got me thinking about possibilities to make the most of a tough situation. Check out my cartoon in The Age today for one idea. “Tuesday, 5pm. The temperature in my car was 55 degrees.” James Goding, Carlton North

My Age cartoon today

“If the government won’t build homes for the homeless maybe it should let them sleep in Melbourne Park.”