yet more footy cartoon fun

to all you young pies…keep the faith 🙂  

new footy cartoon posted

so there was lots of talk over the weekend about the improving play of Izzy and Karmichael  as converts to the great game of AFL. I was musing on this notion of conversion and religion and here’s the result: (note: the two guys in the cartoon are not meant to be the GWS and gold coast men. just two guys passing a ball in…

new footy cartoon posted

watching my pies go down to Melbourne on the weekend made me wish for footy thats more than a training drill with a heightened paranoia about injuries. check out my new cartoon on this in the sports section. here’s a peak: 

AFL’s back! time for cartoons :)

check out my new footy cartoons posted in the ‘Sports Cartoons’ sections. loving the return of a truly fantastic sport. I know its only the NAB Cup but it’s footy nonetheless

new sport cartoon posted!

On a day when cricket was rained out and therefore FIFA was being played in my room this cartoon was raised by Ads and executed by me. enjoy 🙂  

the AFL is coming

new cartoon up in Sports section. pumped for the season 🙂

new sports cartoon up

now I know most australian folks won’t get this new cartoon at all but if you know anything about Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick then you might hopefully get a giggle out of it 🙂 stay tuned for more sports cartoons when they spring forth into my mind. I take it as my duty as a cartoonist who is also a massive sports fan…