The Power of Sport

This week Melissa Walsh has written about a truly amazing day in WWI when, to mark the festive season, soldiers laid down their weapons and played a soccer match in no-man’s-land. Read the post here and enjoy my accompany illustration below. Hopefully I’ve captured something of the power of sport and the way that it can transcend even the most brutal conflicts – even…

Trotting on Ice

The wonderful Melissa Walsh is at it again with another intriguing tid-bit from the ever-fascinating world on sport. Read her latest blog post, enjoy some lovely historical photographs and check out my accompanying illustration (also shown below). One never know what one might catch when one ice fishes with tiny trophies for bait.

Boxing Day Anticipation 3

And there’s more! Tis always fun to experiment with some colouring styles.

Boxing Day Anticipation 2

The excitement is still building! So much so that I’ve put together a little nicer version of my Johnson sketch. There’s something mesmerising about the way his little arms pump on approach the wicket that just begs to be played with in pencil.

Boxing Day Anticipation

What an enjoyable Sunday afternoon… Listening to the cricket on ABC and sketching. Bring on Boxing Day

Cartoons in The Sunday Age

It was a wonderful day yesterday. Put simply, I fulfilled a dream. I went to The Age building and cartooned all day. Bliss. Here are the results and I hope to do it again some day. Read the article here Read the article here Read the article here Read the article here

The Saints and their Demons

It’s been a tumultuous off-season down at Moorabbin. Sacked coach, drugs scandals, new coach, player dissent, boardroom ructions, the list goes on and on. Here’s my take… And check out Melissa Walsh’s excellent related blog post here.

My Byzantine Gai in The Age

The race that stops a nation is still running in the press. Check out the Sunday Age Sport section to be my cartoon on the matter. Gotta love that Byzantine approach to anatomical accuracy 😛  

Comic style experimentation

On this week’s story for Ice The Clock I decided to try out a new style. The theme was searching for something precious (in this case, interesting information) and the gold fields drifted into mind. check out Melissa Walsh’s excellent piece at to get an insight into the travails of research and to see my illustration (which you can also see in the…

Stylised Magic

Fact: current-day, millionaire mogul Magic Johnson is an interesting study for a stylised portrait. Observe…