Le Tour

Vincenzo Nibali is powering on towards Paris still decked out in yellow.


How many shapes does it take to represent a disgruntled Carmelo Anthony? This many.

Daily Mirror World Cup Final player portraits

My series of six German and Argentinian player portraits is now up on the Daily Mirror Football website. Really enjoyed the process and hopefully they provide a nice little accompaniment to the 2014 World Cup Final.

Homage to Herge

Melissa Walsh is tackling soccer in the Himalayas this week for the Sport History Project and I contributed an accompanying illustration. After a childhood filled with Tintin books my mind immediately swung to Tintin in Tibet when pondering the topic. Hope you enjoy the result.  

Brazil 2014

I was really hoping Brazil would make the final. In the end…not so much. In honour of their tournament (minus the odd 7-1 trouncing) I did the following illustration. Joga bonito on hold ’til Russia I suppose.

Ukiyo-e Football

You may know this about me. I love sport and I love art. I love other things too but they’re right up there. I thought I’d play around with the Japanese ukiyo-e print style and my two favourite football codes. Ukiyo-e Soccer Ukiyo-e AFL

Vive la France

The orange dust of Roland Garros is settling and Melissa Walsh’s excellent blog is on the case this week. I did the accompanying illustration and was inspired by the wonderfully expressive poses of Jacques Luis David’s ‘Tennis Court Oath’.

Footy cartoon speed test

Thought I’d challenge myself to see how long it takes me to create a stylised footy scene. The season is just around the corner and I feel like there could be some interesting possibilities with rapid drawings dispersed rapid online during games. We shall see but for now I hope you enjoy my first little sketch. It took four minutes from blank page to…

Summer sports TV bonanza

Tennis, A-league, tests, one-dayers, T20s, NFL, NBA, EPL. The list of sporting fare on TV this summer is bulging and it’s the topic of Melissa Walsh’s excellent blog post this week over at Ice the Clock. I encourage you all to read the post, enjoy my accompanying illustration (also shown below) and lap up the leftovers from the summer sporting feast.

Cartooning Experimentation

Yesterday I posted about my pondering possible new ways that I can present my cartoons and illustrations. Inspired by comic books (Tintin etc) and comic strips (Garfield etc) I wanted to experiment with a similar idea of a progressing story but in the online realm. I thinking slideshows like the one below could be a fun innovation/experiment. Perhaps it might be a fun way…