Storyboarding experiments

With a few possibilities to start doing storyboards at work coming up I thought I’d try my hand at some quick, fairly realistic sketches. It’s great fun and here’s a sneak peak at a few.  

Refugees issue rendered in cut-paper

Felt like a bit of experimentation with materials. Here’s a semi-Matisse inspired representation of the asylum seeker issue using cut-paper (and a little ink).

Qantas strife

Thursday was a tumultuous day for the flying kangaroo. I’m without a computer this week so took the chance to experiment with some old school materials to have my say. Enjoy

My western adventure

At the moment I’m visiting my uncle in Western Australia. He’s a ranger at the beautiful Cape Le Grande national park and in the park there’s a large rock formation known as Frenchman’s Peak. Here’s a quick pic. It’s named after the distinct little shape at the top that looks suspiciously like a beret. There’s a cave at the top and it’s well worth…

New look Joe

Man o’ man It’s tough to draw the slim-jim Joe Hockey. Here’s my first attempt at the challenge set up by Mike Bowers and John Kudelka on Insiders this morning.

Stylised SVP

That’s Scott Van Pelt (ESPN personality) for those not enamoured with US sport.