New political cartoon posted

And here I was think the senate was a dull old place where nothing exciting ever happened (apart of course from the essential functions of our governmental system). Turns out that,  with Bob Carr making his recent triumphant return to the limelight and the somewhat surprising political activities of Julian Assange/Wikileaks, we might have to get some extra security to protect all the A-list…

Are the ALP’s advisers a bit short in the tooth?

Tony Hodges loses his job after the debacle at the tent embassy protest. Questions are raised about the credibility of the ALP’s troupe of young advisers. This leads me to wonder, how many more young advisers does the ALP have and what are they up to behind closed doors?…

today’s cartoon in ‘The Age’

couldn’t resist the spot-colour opportunities of politician’s as clowns 🙂

Sharing the Basin?

here’s my take on the Murray Darling Basin plan unveiled by the government this week. seems to me like everyone’s peeved

Coal Seam mining: winners and losers

So miners are taking over prime farmland with their coal seam gas mining activities… it may be bad for farmers (and their animals) but I imagine that miners would probably welcome the amount of fresh morning tea ingredients on hand out there on the prairie! enjoy.

Gillard’s souvenirs from Afghanistan

so our PM stops off to visit a real war-zone on her way home. with the political climate around at the moment I reckon the silly looking bulletproof jacket and helmet might be worth hanging onto for Canberra. enjoy the new cartoon 🙂

Greek PM ousted, new cartoon posted

So I’ve spent a weekend paranoid that the volatile political situation in Greece would ruin my cartoon. PM steps down this morning and the cartoon still works. WIN! 🙂

Brand new political cartoon

this little cartoon started out with a desire to draw Bob Brown in funny costumes (everyone has that urge occasionally right?). anyway, it turned into this after a browsing session of ‘The Age’. Scanning quality is far from amazing but Bob Brown’s lightsaber is supposed to say “DIVERSITY”. Enjoy!