Refugees issue rendered in cut-paper

Felt like a bit of experimentation with materials. Here’s a semi-Matisse inspired representation of the asylum seeker issue using cut-paper (and a little ink).

Qantas strife

Thursday was a tumultuous day for the flying kangaroo. I’m without a computer this week so took the chance to experiment with some old school materials to have my say. Enjoy

This past weekend saw finance ministers from the G20 nations descend on Sydney for a talk fest on the state of the global economy. One result was a new goal of 2% global growth over five years. The problem was that no one actually explained how this was going to happen and thus, a cartoon was born…

Bikies start young

There’s a great deal of hoohah at the minute about bikies and their stand over tactics in the construction industry. I’m wondering where the problem begins. What is it about men and motorcycles that encourages nefarious activity? Perhaps the childhood right of passage around a first bike is to blame. And thus, a cartoon is born. Enjoy.

Abbott on Climate Change

This is my first experiment with a new style of cartoon presentation that I think might work well for our side-swipe-filled world of smartphones and tablets. Tony Abbott and his ridiculous approach to climate policy is the first cab off the rank. Stay tuned for more.

New Year’s Day – Coalition Style

I know everyone’s still gearing up for New Year’s Eve but I’ve found my mind turning to the post-celebration aftermath. I’ve also been reading intently and despairingly about all the cuts the Abbott government is planning to make. Thus, as is the way with me when I get to thinking, a cartoon was born. No media wanted to run it tomorrow so I’m just…

New Joe – take 2

I think we cartoonists are starting to come to grip with the new look Joe. He’s still rocking to broad shoulders and proud jaw but the neck is the key. Here’s my second go at trying to capture Mr Treasurer and I’m sure there will be more to follow.

New look Joe

Man o’ man It’s tough to draw the slim-jim Joe Hockey. Here’s my first attempt at the challenge set up by Mike Bowers and John Kudelka on Insiders this morning.

The impact of Craig Thomson

We all understand that Craig Thomson is not exactly an asset to the ALP. In fact, to say that he’s a thorn in Labor’s side would be an understatement on par with, ‘geez the European economy looks a bit rough’. From a cartoonists perspective however it’s important to look at the more neglected angles of the whole Thomson/HSU saga to truly cover off on…