new Global Mail piece up at

Mike Seccombe has written on the recent fascination with budget surpluses that all our current politicians seem to share. A very timely and astute point to make (plus a great opportunity to draw Wayne Swan!) check it out at: here are my cartoons that feature in the piece

new Global Mail piece with my cartoons

Bern Lagan has written an awesome background/bio piece on the once faceless now eminently facefull Bruce Hawker. check out the article and my cartoon at:

exciting new layout for cartoons on ‘The Global Mail’

new article up on The Global Mail website about the costs of aged care in Aus. my cartoons are embedded in an 8-panel illustrative slideshow that explains the issue. It’s exciting to see my work in a new format/layout and its encouraging to work in an environment that is so open to the cartooning possibilities and ways of using images in the digital media…

New Global Mail cartoons now up

check out Michael Maher’s article on the relationship between the US and China at:¬† while you’re there you might also like to peruse my accompanying toons that are now also up here. enjoy!