Digital watercolour

Thought I’d have a play with recreating a watercolour effect with the computer today. What does one draw for such an experiment? Why, a sloth on a bike of course. Fun challenge and could be an avenue for further exploration.

New Children’s Illustration

Ever wondered what would happen if instead of a yucky worm or a little fish on your fishing hook you had a delicious burger? You might get some unexpected bites 🙂

Children’s illustrations update

With the aid of Dad’s tablet and some hours at my desk I’ve got up some reasonable quality photos of my children’s book illustrations. Tis very difficult to get accurate copies onto the computer from soft pencil drawings but I’ve done my utmost. Here’s a little peak at the newest one

Brand new section launched

As an aspiring illustrator (and someone with amazingly fond memories of children’s books in my youth) I would love the chance to create cartoons and illustrations for children’s literature. Thus, I’ve set up a new section of this site dedicated to my style of work that I think could be good for kids. I hope you check it out and maybe have a bit…