Contemporary Tap (study)

I’m planning a large work on this subject and here’s just a little A3 study for now.

Lady Finger Banana cont.

Cut paper, pen, pencil. Slightly mind boggling to get the layers of paper right. Enjoy the latest in the progression of this little idea…

Happy old man

I saw this photo in the paper yesterday and just loved how happy these two seemed. Who better to use to experiment with acrylic and watercolours.

Cut paper experiments

There’s just something so enjoyable about experimenting with cut paper. No wonder Matisse was such a fan. In an instant you can bring vibrant colour to a work and play with colour combinations in a totally reversible way (if you’re careful not to touch the glue until you’re 100% happy). Here’s a few of my recent attempts. Both are studies for a larger series…

Easter at GDJ

I was sitting at my desk at work a couple of days before Easter when one of my bosses mentioned we needed ‘a fun idea’ for the company’s Easter card. I put my thinking cap on and took inspiration for the packaging of our gifts – 3kg chocolate easter bunnies in large white boxes with a hole in the top for the ears to…