Asylum Insight menu icons

Asylum Insight is a fantastic site that does a lot of good in highlighting and analysing the issue of asylum seekers in Australia and abroad. I was commissioned to produce some updated icons for the sections of their website and they’ve just gone live recently. My idea was to take each topic and produce something slightly abstract to encapsulate it. I hope you enjoy…

Life drawing

Very much enjoyed life drawing class yesterday. Twas the first time in a while that I’d done a head study and I’m pretty pleased with the resulting sketch. Next time I might invite my friend White Charcoal Pencil to the party too.

Charcoal fan fun

Let’s hope the Magpie army isn’t like this again tomorrow afternoon.

World Cup

All that matters is the…

Ukiyo-e Football

You may know this about me. I love sport and I love art. I love other things too but they’re right up there. I thought I’d play around with the Japanese ukiyo-e print style and my two favourite football codes. Ukiyo-e Soccer Ukiyo-e AFL

The Key

One never knows who may be lurking in the hidden depths of a sketchbook.

Storyboarding experiments

With a few possibilities to start doing storyboards at work coming up I thought I’d try my hand at some quick, fairly realistic sketches. It’s great fun and here’s a sneak peak at a few.  

Mini barista

Takeaway coffee cups vary immensely. Personally I’m a fan of the plain, smooth and white. Here’s my first typical Melbournian portrait on one. Stand by for more down the track.

Pastels for Contemporary Tap

Fun day in a friend’s studio experimenting with pastels. Hope you like the result. I think the next test might be with some freer, expressive or curly line work. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚