new current affairs cartoon up

so some journalists at ‘The Sun’ newspaper in Britain have been arrested, along with a policeman, in connection with the hacking scandal etc. could lead to some confusion i reckon. check out my take:

the AFL is coming

new cartoon up in Sports section. pumped for the season 🙂

new sports cartoon up

now I know most australian folks won’t get this new cartoon at all but if you know anything about Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick then you might hopefully get a giggle out of it 🙂 stay tuned for more sports cartoons when they spring forth into my mind. I take it as my duty as a cartoonist who is also a massive sports fan…

New section created!

One of my greatest loves in life is sport. I love the intensity and passion that it brings. Sports are true theatre for those who are not ashamed to admit them as such. I figure I ought to combine my love of sport with my love of drawing and so I’ve started a new section for all sport-related cartoons on my wordpress. Look out…

OH&S – Australian Open style. plus Calombaris kitchen catastrophe

here’s my cartoon in The Age today about the Australian Open and the contentious issue of inexplicable screeching :P. perhaps umpires and ball kids need to think about the health of their hearing if they’re going to continue in their obviously perilous positions. also posted my saturday cartoon 🙂  

cartoons in ‘The Age’: saturday and today

two most recent cartoons from the letters page of The Age are now up! having a blast doing them so look out again on thursday 🙂

Back in ‘The Age’!

filling in at ‘The Age’ again for the next little while for Ron Tanberg and today was the first cartoon is in todays paper on the comments/letters page. look out for more over the next few weeks 🙂

Christmas cards now available!

very exciting news! i was commissioned to do a series of Christmas cards by the lovely and kind Corrie Perkin and they’re now available at her bookshop – perfectly named ‘My Bookshop’ in Hawksburn (513 Malvern Rd). it’s a wonderful shop and i’m very grateful to Corrie and Robin Cowcher for arranging everything to make this venture happen. i encourage everyone and anyone to…

brand new section!

big news! i’ve just started a new section of the site called ‘Political & Current Affairs Cartoons’. small beginnings but i’m hoping to add to it weekly 🙂 have a squizz by clicking on the section above but here’s a sneak peak at one of the new batch