My new greeting cards now on sale at ‘My Bookshop’

Brand new range of greeting cards featuring my cartoons are now on sale at My Bookshop! Visit the store at 513 Malvern Road, Hawksburn to pick up a lyrical, whimsical card for your next special occasion. More info is available at and while you are there feel free to check out all the other lovely things on offer at Corrie Perkin’s, My Bookshop. A…

New Children’s Illustration

Ever wondered what would happen if instead of a yucky worm or a little fish on your fishing hook you had a delicious burger? You might get some unexpected bites 🙂

Sport and political worlds collide!

So I hear that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is going to be able to influence the footy games that go on free-to-air TV. I feel like this development makes him perhaps the ultimate heckler/trash talker. hope y’all enjoy my cartoon on the subject 🙂

New political cartoon posted

And here I was think the senate was a dull old place where nothing exciting ever happened (apart of course from the essential functions of our governmental system). Turns out that,  with Bob Carr making his recent triumphant return to the limelight and the somewhat surprising political activities of Julian Assange/Wikileaks, we might have to get some extra security to protect all the A-list…

new Global Mail piece up at

Mike Seccombe has written on the recent fascination with budget surpluses that all our current politicians seem to share. A very timely and astute point to make (plus a great opportunity to draw Wayne Swan!) check it out at: here are my cartoons that feature in the piece

The strange world of diets

I was reading an article on ‘The Age’ website about something called the Paleo diet. Essentially the idea is to eat like our caveman-esque ancestors did, with lots of protein, vegetables, fruit and not much diary. This got me thinking about some of the bizarre diets one hears about either from friends or breezing past never ending racks of women’s magazines at the supermarket….

Children’s illustrations update

With the aid of Dad’s tablet and some hours at my desk I’ve got up some reasonable quality photos of my children’s book illustrations. Tis very difficult to get accurate copies onto the computer from soft pencil drawings but I’ve done my utmost. Here’s a little peak at the newest one

Brand new section launched

As an aspiring illustrator (and someone with amazingly fond memories of children’s books in my youth) I would love the chance to create cartoons and illustrations for children’s literature. Thus, I’ve set up a new section of this site dedicated to my style of work that I think could be good for kids. I hope you check it out and maybe have a bit…

AFL’s back! time for cartoons :)

check out my new footy cartoons posted in the ‘Sports Cartoons’ sections. loving the return of a truly fantastic sport. I know its only the NAB Cup but it’s footy nonetheless

new section created!

just created a new section for my slice of the internet for my cartoons that appear on ‘The Global Mail’ website ( I hope you like them and check out the site regularly. great articles, beautiful photos, no ads and a cartoon or two 🙂