Before and After

Thought it might be fun to show the sketches behind a few of my recent World Cup illustrations for the Daily Mirror.    

New Storyboards page

Been doing more and more storyboards recently and I’ve really enjoyed it. Love to do more in the future so I felt like it was time to give them a page of their very own. Contact me if you’re interested. Whatever colours/size/style you’re looking for, let’s chat ­čÖé

Easter at GDJ

I was sitting at my desk at work a couple of days before Easter when one of my bosses mentioned we needed ‘a fun idea’ for the company’s Easter card. I put my thinking cap on and took inspiration for the packaging of our gifts ÔÇô 3kg chocolate easter bunnies in large white boxes with a hole in the top for the ears to…

New page launch

Recently I’ve been experimenting with art making in a variety of media and I felt like it was time to make a it on the site. Thus, I’ve created a ‘Other Art’ page to house images of the any works that don’t fall into the existing categories. I’m having a great time tinkering with different media and I hope you enjoy the results. Here’s…

Brand new page!

Hello world! Just a quick note to let y’all know that I’ve started a new section of the site for sketches and other rough ideas, concepts and squiggly squiggles. Check out Sketches and have a look.

Summer of cartooning has passed

Hi all, Just a quick note to comiserate the fact that alas, my time with┬áThe Age┬áhas come to an end. Like always, I’ve really enjoyed the chance to contribute to a fine publication and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) there will be more opportunities to do so in the future. Til then, here are some of my fave toons from the summer and of…

C’mon Lleyton, maybe it’s time

Two nights ago we saw Lleyton Hewitt, aka: the c’mon-ing one, bundled out of the Australian Open in three comfortable sets. This left one Age┬áreader to suggest that maybe it was time old LLeyton hung up his snake-like self-face-pointing antics and backwards cap and drift off in to tennis la la land. In a sport where stars are born in the early teens it…

Tennis is served

It’s that time of year again in Melbourne. We’ve finally digested Christmas lunch, nursed New Year’s Eve hangovers, watched some middling Test cricket and now it’s high time for some tennis. The Australian Open is in town and apart from a huge increase in the number of lithe and bemused touring tennis pros there’s also been a massive funding pledge by the government to…

Slipping into the ‘The Age’ today

Good morning World, Tis a fresh new day, one which sees yet another Chadwick cartoon on the Letters page of┬áThe Age.┬áSo it now seems that Peter Slipper, in addition to being a fan of silly white robes and formal processions, is also quite partial to fine wine and smoked meats on the Country’s dime. While news continues to swirl about the many multifarious objects…

Today’s cartoon in The Age

Here’s my cartoon from The Age this morning. Never again wonder how that pesky last word got filled ­čśŤ “THE Summer Crossword isn’t so difficult. I complete it most days without help from Google etc, and I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.” Susan Anderson, Glen Alvie